Lukas Kammerlander, M.A.


Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft |Abteilung Sozialpädagogik |
GRK Doing Transitions

Münzgasse 22
72070 Tübingen


Lukas Kammerlander studied ‘Social Work’ (B.A.) at the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen and ‘Research and development in social pedagogy/social work’ (M.A.) at the Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen. During his studies he worked as a social worker offering pedagogical guidance to volunteers in their voluntary service and as managing director (parental leave representation) of the environmental youth organisation BUNDjugend Baden-Württemberg. Also, he volunteered and was member of the board of the environmental NGOs BUND Baden-Württemberg and BUNDjugend Baden-Württemberg. In his dissertation project, Lukas Kammerlander focusses self-chosen downshifting or complete abandonment of paid work performed by men* using autobiographical narrative interviews and the interpretation method of biographical case reconstruction. As part of the research program of Doing Transitions his project aims to explore the described transition and masculinity constructions on an individual level but also its interrelatedness with discourses on masculinity on a societal level.

Research Project

The dissertation project aims to explore self-chosen downshifting or complete abandonment of paid work performed by men*. Therefore, data from autobiographical narrative interviews are approached with the means of the method of biographical case reconstruction by Gabriele Rosenthal, focussing biographical geneses and effects of this transition as well as constructions of masculinity performed by the biographers. Thus, the project is linked to the fields of transition studies and critical masculinity studies. The problematisation of yet persisting gendered inequalities underlines the relevance of the subject as well as recent discourses linking masculinities to current global social and ecological crises. At the same time, notions of masculinity got in motion in the post-fordist transformations of work society. Although paid ‘productive’ work is still key to masculinity ideals, this strong connection remains no longer unquestioned. New masculinity discourses (e.g. active fatherhood, caring masculinities) evolve, hitherto contributing only little changes to hegemonic masculinity constructions. Thus, the performance of downshifting or abandonment of paid work is potentially subversive and certainly colliding with common notions of masculinity. By focussing this transition through biographical case reconstruction, new forms of ‘alternative masculinities’ might become visible. In the research program of Doing Transitions the project aims to explore the described transition on an individual level but also its interrelatedness with discourses on masculinity on a societal level.


  • Kammerlander, L./ Bliemetsrieder, S. (2020): Menschenrechts- und gerechtigkeitsambitionierte Soziale Arbeit angesichts drängender ökologischer und sozialethischer globaler Krisen. In: Sachs, S. (ed.): Krise als Chance zur Bildungswende. In Zeiten der Klimakrise und Coronapandemie. München: Utz Verlag, pp. 125-153.

Lectures and presentations

  • “Da will ich ums Verrecken nicht wieder zurück!“ Wie sich Erwerbsarbeit verändert und welche neuen Übergänge das zur Folge hat. Lecture in the context of the Studium Generale lecture series “Doing Transitions – wie sich Übergänge im Lebenslauf herstellen”, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, 22 July 2021, together with Elisa Thevenot
  • Men in Germany opting out of full-time-jobs – an illustration of positionings vis-à-vis age on the basis of an empirical example. Presentation as part of the panel “Linking Ages” at the World Education Research Association (WERA) conference, 07-09 July 2021, Santiago de Compostela.
  • Has Breadwinning.exe stopped working? Presentation at the conference “Männlichkeiten aufbrechen”, Friedrich Schiller University Jena 12 March 2021
  • Exit Breadwinning. Poster presentation at the international conference “Doing Transitions in the Life Course”: 17-19 February 2020, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen.


  • Übergänge im Lebenslauf, Esslingen University of Applied Science, winter term 2020/21, together with Victoria Heuschele