Book series of the research training group

The book series „Reflexive Übergangsforschung – Doing Transitions“ (Reflexive Transition Research – Doing Transitions) published by Barbara Budrich Publishing aims to provide a platform for theoretical and methodological reflections of transitions in the life course. In a first phase, the publications of this series will come from the members of the research training group themselves and include both edited volumes and PhD theses (monographies). With increasing national and international visibility the series will also be open for publications from beyond the research training group that share a reflexive approach towards analysing transitions in the life course. The series starts in 2020 with an edited volume on theoretical and methodological foundations of reflexive transition research, as well as the first monographies of PhD theses. For 2021, two more edited volumes will be addressing the discursive, institutional and individual formation of transitions and the relationship between transitions and the different life stages across the life course.

2. cohort begins

On 1stof January 2020 the second PhD cohort, comprising 19 junior researchers, has  started its work in the research training group Doing Transitions. At the universities of Frankfurt and Tübingen each, six PhDs are employed as researchers, while four in Frankfurt and three in Tuebingen are associated researchers (see also team). The group is complemented by the associated postdoctoral researcher Anna Wanka. 

From 8th to 10th of January 2020 the involved professors and the new cohort met for a joint kick-off event in the Stift Bad Urach. The meeting served to get to know each other in terms of research as well as personally, and to introduce the research and training programme.

The official transition from cohort 1 to cohort 2 will be facilitated in the course of the international conference ‚Doing Transitions in the Life Course‘, February 17th to 19th  2020 at the University of Tübingen. In the future, several alumni events are planned to take place.

Farewell to the 1st cohort of PhD candidates

The work contracts of the (majority of) the first cohort of “Doing Transitions” PhD candidates came to an end by December 2019. From November 20th to November 22nd, the last cohort meeting was held, brought all members of the research training group from Frankfurt and Tübingen together in Heidelberg. The research training group expresses its gratefulness for everybody’s contributions to the research and training programme and wishes the first cohort the best with the completion of their PhD theses and future careers – within or outside academia.

We are looking forward to meeting the “former” PhD researchers as alumni at the international conference “Doing Transitions in the Life Course”, February 17th to 19th 2020, in Tübingen.