Dr Kevin Stützel


Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Research Training Group Doing Transitions

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IKB-building, 4th floor
Eschersheimer Landstraße 121
60322 Frankfurt/Main

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Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 1
IKB-building, Postfach 3
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Dr Kevin Stützel studied education science with a focus on social work at Free Univesity Berlin and received his doctorate in education in 2017. He worked at the Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences Berlin and at the Department of Qualitative Methods and Micro Sociology of the Institute of Sociology at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Since 2021, he is a post-doctoral researcher at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main.

Kevin Stützel specializes in research on professions and professionalization, theory and methodology of reconstructive social research, youth work, self-help, neo-Nazism research, masculinity and gender research.

Current Research

Collectivity in Transition – On the Collective and Biographical Processing of Loss and Grief in Self-Help Groups

The research project deals with self-help groups in which (psycho-)social problems are processed without professional guidance. Based on the theorization of the research object as a phenomenon of transitional research, self-help groups are investigated in a qualitative-reconstructive study with a multi-method research design. The documentary method of interpretation is used to reconstruct group discussions of participants of self-help groups in the field of loss and grief. Furthermore, biographical-narrative interviews with participants of the investigated self-help groups will be conducted. The interviews will reconstruct the orientations guiding the participation in self-help groups and the social position against which (psycho-)social problems are dealt with. Subsequently, the identified collective and biographical processes of problem solving will be triangulated.

Curriculum Vitae


Since October 2021
Postdoctoral Researcher at the Research Training Group Doing Transitions – The Formation of Transitions over the Life Course, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

November 2018 till September 2021
Research Associate and Lecturer at the Institute of Sociology, Department of Qualitative Methods and Micro Sociology, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, in the research project Transitions into Nursing Professions – Perspectives of Male Trainees

April 2017 till December 2018
Research Associate at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, conception and implementation of the qualitative study Men in Early Childhood Education

June 2017
Ph.D. (Dr phil.): Youth Work with Young Adults in the Context of Right-Wing Orientations. Reconstructive-Praxeological Perspectives on Professional Action. Free University Berlin, First reviewer: Prof. Dr Ralf Bohnsack, Second reviewer: Prof. Dr Inka Bormann. Disputation on June 21, 2017, graded ‘with honours’

May 2015 till March 2017
Lecturer in qualitative research methods. Workshops on qualitative methods, especially visual research methods, image interpretation, group discussions, interviews and triangulation

May 2012 till April 2015
Doctoral Scholarship of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation


October 2010 till April 2012
Trainer for political education. Courses for teachers and social workers on neo-Nazism and youth work

May 2008 till September 2009
Coordinator in the field of social work. Coordination of a model project against neo-Nazism and racism by the Federal Ministry for Family, Women, Seniors, and Youth in Genthin/Germany

September 2007 till December 2007
Psycho-social Counseling. Support for victims of right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence, Mobile Victim Counseling Magdeburg/Germany




Dealing with Heterogeneity and Gender. Teams and Teamwork in Early Childhood Education [Umgang mit Heterogenität und Geschlecht. Pädagogische Teams in der Frühpädagogik]. Opladen/Berlin/Toronto: Barbara Budrich (with Michael Cremers and Maria Klingel).


Youth work in the Context of Young People with Right-Wing Orientations. Praxeological Perspectives on Professional Action [Jugendarbeit im Kontext von Jugendlichen mit rechten Orientierungen. Rekonstruktiv-praxeologische Perspektiven auf professionelles Handeln]. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Edited Volumes


Masculinity and Care [Männlichkeit und Sorge]. Special Issue, GENDER, 14 (2) (with Simon Bohn and Diana Lengersdorf).


The Annual Review of the Documentary Method of Interpretation [Jahrbuch Dokumentarische Methode]. Issue 1 (with Steffen Amling, Alexander Geimer, Anne-Christin Schondelmayer and Sarah Thomsen). https://doi.org/10.21241/ssoar.65683

Articles in Journals and Edited Volumes


Experential Knowledge in Self-help groups. Empirical Findings in the Field of Loss and Grief* [Betroffenenwissen in Selbsthilfegruppen. Empirische Erkundungen im Themenfeld Verlust und Trauer]. The Annual Review of Social Work and Social Pedagogy in Austria [Österreichisches Jahrbuch für Soziale Arbeit], 6, 173-192 (*peer reviewed).


Professionalized Action as a System of Interaction. Interactionist and Praxeological Perspectives in Comparison [Professionalisiertes Handeln als Interaktionssystem. Interaktionistische und praxeologische Perspektiven im Vergleich]. In Bohnsack, R., Bonnet, A. & Hericks, U. (Eds.), Praxeological-sociological professional research. Perspectives from Early Childhood, School and Social Work [Praxeologisch-wissenssoziologische Professionsforschung. Perspektiven aus Früh- und Schulpädagogik, Fachdidaktik und Sozialer Arbeit] (p. 443-462). Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt.

Care as an Emotional Relationship. On the Bodily-Affective Dimension of Masculinity in the Context of Care [Sorge als emotionales Beziehungsverhältnis. Zur leiblich-affektiven Dimension von Männlichkeit im Kontext der Pflege] (with Sylka Scholz). In Budde, J. & Rieske, Th.-V. (Eds.), Boys in Educational Contexts. Masculinity, Gender and Pedagogy in Childhood and Adolescence [Jungen in Bildungskontexten. Männlichkeit, Geschlecht und Pädagogik in Kindheit und Jugend] (p. 211-230). Opladen/Berlin/Toronto: Barbara Budrich.


Youth Work in the Context of Right-Wing Orientations [Offene Kinder- und Jugendarbeit im Kontext von rechten Orientierungen] (with Anna Jachmann-Ciaglia). In Deinet, U., Sturzenhecker, B., Schwanenflügel, L. v. & Schwerthelm, M. (Eds.), Handbook on Child and Youth Work [Handbuch Offene Kinder- und Jugendarbeit] (pp. 1051-1062). Wiesbaden: Springer VS.


Contrasts in Common. On the Research Practice and Multidimensionality of the Documentary Method of Interpretation [Kontraste in der Gemeinsamkeit. Zur Forschungspraxis und Mehrdimensionalität der dokumentarischen Typenbildung]. In Amling, S., Geimer, A., Rundel, S. & Thomsen, S. (Eds.), The Annual Review of the Documentary Method of Interpretation, 2-3, 49-68.

Social Work and its Dealing with Right-Wing Populism [Soziale Arbeit und ihr Umgang mit Rechtspopulismus] (with Stefanie Lindner). In Forum Social [Forum Sozial], 1, 21-24.


The Documentary Method of Interpretation as an Example of Gender Research in the Field of Early Childhood Education [Die Dokumentarische Methode am Beispiel einer Geschlechterforschung im Feld der Kindheitspädagogik] (with Michael Cremers & Maria Klingel). In Kubandt, M. & Schütz, J. (Eds.), Methods and Methodologies in Educational Gender Studies [Methoden und Methodologien in der erziehungswissenschaftlichen Geschlechterforschung] (pp. 107-125). Opladen: Barbara Budrich.


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Reconstructive Social Work and Praxeological Analytical Attitudes. Empirical Findings on Social Work in the Context of Adolescents with Right-Wing Orientations [Rekonstruktive Soziale Arbeit und praxeologische Analyseeinstellung. Empirische Befunde zur Sozialen Arbeit im Kontext von Jugendlichen mit rechten Orientierungen]. In Bohnsack, R., Kubisch, S. & Streblow, C. (Eds.), Social Work and the Documentary Method of Interpretation [Soziale Arbeit und Dokumentarische Methode] (pp. 102-118). Opladen: Barbara Budrich.


Challenges for Youth Work Using the Example of the Freital Group [Völkische Formierung. Herausforderungen für die Jugendarbeit am Beispiel der Gruppe Freital] (with Enrico Glaser). In Social Magazine [Sozialmagazin], 12, 84-91.


Documentary image interpretation as an empirical approach to pedagogical practices [Dokumentarische Bildinterpretation als empirischer Zugang zu pädagogischen Handlungspraxen]. In Bohnsack, R., Burkhard, M. & Przyborski, A. (Eds.), Documentary Image Interpretation. Methodology and Research Practice [Dokumentarische Bildinterpretation. Methodologie und Forschungspraxis] (pp. 305-322). Opladen: Barbara Budrich.


Then I am no longer authentic at all. The Danger of Shortcuts in the Pedagogical Prevention of Right-Wing Extremism [Dann bin ich gar nicht mehr authentisch. Die Gefahr von Verkürzungen in der pädagogischen Rechtsextremismusprävention] (with Vivien Laumann). In Hechler, A. & Stuve, O. (Eds.), Gender-reflective education against the right! [Geschlechterreflektiert gegen Rechts bilden!] (pp. 135-150). Opladen: Barbara Budrich.

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Mengilli, Yağmur (2023): Chilling as a youth cultural practice. Discourse. Journal of Childhood and Adolescence Research, 19(1) (in publishing).


Schönemann, Sebastian: Symbolic Images of the Holocaust. Photographs of Extermination in Social Memory [Symbolbilder des Holocaust. Fotografien der Vernichtung im sozialen Gedächtnis]. In Journal for Qualitative Research [Zeitschrift für Qualitative Forschung], 20(2), 307‒312.

Recent Talks and Conferences


Experiential Knowledge as an actor-related research perspective – Empirical explorations in self-help groups [Wissen von Betroffenen als akteursbezogene Forschungsperspektive. Empirische Erkundungen in Selbsthilfegruppen]. Talk at the conference Perspectives in motion. Current developments and discourses in the context of addressee, user and (non-)utilization research [Perspektiven in Bewegung. Aktuelle Entwicklungen und Diskurse im Kontext der Adressat:innen, Nutzer:innen und (Nicht-)Nutzungsforschung] of the specialist group Addressees, users and (non-)utilization of the German Society for Social Work (DGSA) at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, 08.12.2023.

The Documentary Method of Interpretation in Transition Research [Die Dokumentarische Methode in der Übergangsforschung]. Talk at the methods workshop of the Research Training Group Doing Transitions at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, 07.07.2023.

Understanding Grief – The Work of Mourning in Self-Help Activities. Talk and Chair at the Panel End of Life, Grief and Loss, Conference Relational Perspectives on the Life Course, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, 10.05.2023.

Young People’s Experience of Time in the Context of Loss and Mourning [Zum Zeiterleben junger Menschen im Kontext von Verlust und Trauer]. Talk and Chair at the Panel Time Work – On the Shaping and Processing of Time in the Life Course of Young People [Time work – Zur Gestaltung und Bearbeitung von Zeit im Lebenslauf junger Menschen], Conference of the Commission for Social Pedagogy of the German Society for Educational Science (DGfE), University of Rostock, 25.03.2023.


The Institutionalization of Self-Help [Die Institutionalisierung der Selbsthilfe]. Talk at the Theory Working Group of the Commission for Social Pedagogy in the German Society for Educational Science (DGfE), 02.12.2022.

Self-Help as a Collective Experience of Transitions. Talk and Chair in the symposium Doing Transitions – On Making and Becoming Across the Life Course of the German Society for Educational Research (DGfE) at the meeting of the World Education Research Association (WERA) and the American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Diego, 21.04.2022.


Caregivers Wanted. Reconfigurations of Border and Care Regimes in the Context of Masculinities and Care Work [Pflegekräfte gesucht. Rekonfigurationen von Grenz- und Care-Regimen im Kontext von Männlichkeit und Sorgearbeit]. Talk together with Sylka Scholz in the plenary session at the joint congress of the German Sociological Association (DGS) and the Austrian Sociological Association (ÖGS) Post-Corona Society. [Post-Corona-Gesellschaft] on 24.08.2021.

I Wouldn’t Call That Right-Wing Right Now. Inclusions and Exclusions of Youth Work with Right-Wing Oriented Young People [Das würde ich jetzt nicht gleich rechts nennen. Ein- und Ausschlüsse der Jugendarbeit mit rechtsorientierten Jugendlichen]. Talk together with Stefanie Lindner at the trinational conference European Society(s) between Cohesion and Division [Europäische Gesellschaft(en) zwischen Kohäsion und Spaltung] of the German, Austrian and Swiss Social Work Societies (DGSA, OGSA, SGSA) on 24.04.2021.


Generalization with the Documentary Method of Interpretation [Generalisierung und Typenbildung mit der Dokumentarischen Methode]. Talk, in the context of the Junior Researcher Network Documentary Method of Interpretation at the University of Erfurt on 27.02.2020.


Documentary Professionalism Research Using the Example of Youth Work with Young People with Right-Wing Orientations [Dokumentarische Professionalitätsforschung am Beispiel der Jugendarbeit mit Jugendlichen mit rechten Orientierungen]. Talk at the conference What makes social work. Contributions of Reconstructive Research to Theory [Was Soziale Arbeit (aus)macht. Beiträge rekonstruktiver Forschung zur Theoriebildung] at the University of Applied Sciences Hannover on 23.11.2019

Under Pressure. Social Work and the Influence of the Extreme Right [Unter Druck. Soziale Arbeit und die Einflussnahme der extremen Rechten]. Talk together with Stefanie Lindner at the Study Day Social Work and Right-wing Extremism [Soziale Arbeit und Rechtsextremismus] at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences on 05.07.2019.


Heterogeneity as a Challenge. Dealing with Gender in Early Childhood Education [Heterogenität als Herausforderung. Zum Umgang mit Geschlecht in Kita-Teams]. Talk together with Michael Cremers at the conference Men in Early Childhood Education in Berlin on 24.11.2018.

In The End I Don’t Know. Gender Concepts and Gender Constructions in Early Childhood Education. [Am Ende weiß ich’s nicht. Geschlechterkonzepte und Geschlechterkonstruktionen in Kita-Teams]. Talk together with Michael Cremers at the conference Gender_Knowledge in the Research Fields of Social Work [Gender_Wissen in den Forschungsfeldern der Sozialen Arbeit] at the University of Applied Sciences Alice Salomon Berlin on 22.08.2018.

Memberships and Affiliations

Centrum für evaluations- und sozialforschung (ces e. V.)

German Society for Educational Science (DGfE)
– Commission for Social Pedagogy

Member of the editorial board of the journal Widersprüche

Network for Reconstructive Social Work (NWRSA)

Research Center Education and Coping in the Life Course


Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main
Summer Semester 2023: MA Educational Science, Seminar, Grief and Loss as a Subject of Social Work [Trauer und Verlust als Gegenstand der Sozialen Arbeit]  

Summer Semester 2022: MA Educational Science, Seminar, The Group as a Subject of Social Research [Die Gruppe als Gegenstand der Sozialforschung]

Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

Summer Semester 2021: MA Sociology, Seminar, Gender as Experience – Concepts in the Sociology of Gender [Geschlecht als Erfahrung – Konzepte der Geschlechtersoziologie]  

Summer Semester 2020: MA Sociology, Seminar, Change and Continuity of Gender [Wandel und Kontinuität von Geschlecht].  

Winter Semester 2019/2020: BA Sociology, Lecture, Principles and Methods of Empirical Social Research. Design of lecture courses: Development of Research Questions; Research Designs and Field Access; Data Analysis and Generalization [Vorlesung, Grundlagen und Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung. Gestaltung der Vorlesungstermine: Entwicklung von Fragestellungen; Forschungsdesigns, Feldzugang und Erhebung; Datenauswertung und Typenbildung]  

Summer Semester 2019: MA Sociology Seminar, Introduction to Reconstructive Interview and Biographical Research [Einführung in die rekonstruktive Interview- und Biographieforschung]

Alice-Salomon – University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Summer Semester 2018: MA Practice Research, Seminar, Ethnography – Research Position and Research Process [Ethnographie – Erkenntnishaltung und Forschungsprozess]  

Summer Semester 2017: MA Practice Research, Seminar, Introduction to Grounded Theory [Einführung in die Grounded Theory](with Fiona Kalkstein)