Jana Heer, M.A.


Goethe-University Frankfurt
GRK Doing Transitions

IKB-building, 4th floor
Eschersheimer Landstraße 121
60322 Frankfurt am Main

postal address:
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 1
IKB-Gebäude, Postfach 3
60323 Frankfurt am Main


Jana Heer holds an MA in Educational Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt. After completing her master’s degree she worked as a junior researcher at DIPF l Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education in Frankfurt as part of the study on the development of all-day schools (StEG). In her PhD project she focuses on the production and formation of the transition process of adolescence in the digital age via social media.

research project

With the digitalisation of everyday life, the growing up of adolescents – the so-called ‘digital natives’ – is being reshaped. Online and offline worlds are increasingly amalgamating, whereby new ways of communication and self-presentation are being established. The changing adolescent body, which is progressively confronted with social expectations and norms, is now also transferred into virtual spaces far away from physical co-presence. Staged online, it is evaluated, commented and negotiated by the (virtual) audience.
The status passage of growing up, which is marked by the increasing physical changes or more precisely: the transition of appropriating the ‘new’ adolescent body via social online media is the dissertation project’s main focus. Using an ethnographic research approach, the new phenomenon of so-called online challenges, which are currently very popular among adolescents, will be examined in greater detail. Under the headline “Online-Challenges – Modernization of Ritualized Transitional Practices during Adolescence in the Digital Age?” the project seeks to contribute to the modernization of the concept of ritual in transition research. Furthermore, the production and formation of the transition process of adolescence in the digital age is to be made deconstructable from a praxeological perspective.