Elisa Thevenot


Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Institute of Education
GRK Doing Transitions

Münzgasse 22
72070 Tübingen


+49 (0)17699792499

PhD Project (start Jan. 2020)
Longing for purposeful work: Career transitions in the context of environmental sustainability

How do individuals talk about sustainability? How do they make it something of their own and use it to explain their career paths? Exploring the concept of environmental sustainability at a subject level perspective opens up many questions about: subjectivation processes, learning porcesses, micro social practices and changes… The praxeological approach gives a certain focus to the investigation that has proven fruitful until now. The empirical investigation is a longitudinal study based on narrative interviews with individuals in different stages of career transition.

Current research interests include:
Life Course research, Adult Education, Sociology of Sustainability, Practice Theory, Eco-critical Theory and Theories related to Doing Difference

Elisa Thevenot is a Franco-American, with a background in International Management. Her bachelor’s and master’s theses focused on renewable energies. She than worked internationally for 6 years in the field of market research and business development. Back to university life, her PhD study is a nice combination between her research interest and work experience: “Longing for purposeful work: career transitions in the context of environmental sustainability”. She is most interested in the way the environmental sustainability movement mingles with individuals’ life courses. She hopes to contribute to Life Course and Transition research with a particular focus on the sustainable development context.


06/2021 – “A Longitudinal approach to Practice Theory” PhD project discussion, for the Graduierten Kollegs ‚Doing Transitions‘ semestrial colloquium, online

03/2021 “Linking Ages : présentation théorique et mise en pratique dans les cas de transitions de carrières » Journées d´Études, Travailler les âges en professionel.le, Paris/online

10/2020 „Longing for purposeful work: a praxeological approach to career transitions” – PhD project discussion with Prof. Dr. Thomas Alkemeyer, for the Graduierten Kollegs ‚Doing Transitions‘ Theory Workshop: 05.–07. October 2020, online.

09/2020 Selected Poster for the German Sociology Congress (DGS), ›Gesellschaft unter Spannung‹, 14.-24. September 2020, Berlin (online).

02/2020 Poster presentation, Doing Transitions in the Life Course –Discourses, Practices, Institutions, Subjects. DFG-Graduiertenkollegs Doing Transitions, 17.-19. February 2020, Tübingen